Duvet "Toi et Moi"

This bi-density duvet offers unique comfort for couples who want a different sleeping comfort. One warm side, the other lighter for everyone to have better nights.

Product Details

"You're always cold and I'm always warm!" A discussion that can become a real problem within a couple!

The duvet "Toi et Moi" is a duvet two-density ideal to reconcile couples!

It has a thick warm side for the chilly and a thinner side and lighter for those who are always warm. An innovative duvet so that everyone can sleep at the temperature that suits him.

The duvet "Toi et Moi" has a Tencel® envelope that allows a natural regulation of the temperature and a better evacuation of the humidity.

This bi-density duvet is guaranteed without any chemical treatment and certified Öeko-Tex to ensure you an ever healthier sleep.

Do not forget to protect your duvet with one of our organic cotton duvet covers for a 100% natural sleep.

The duvet "Toi et Moi" exists in size 220x240cm and 240x260cm.