Linen and Organic Cotton Pillowcase

100% natural materials - Choice of plain colours

Spend sweet and healthy nights by choosing an organic linen and cotton pillowcase.

Available in 4 colours for an ultra trendy bedroom!

Color : Café
Product Details

100% natural and authenticmaterials, organic cotton and linen offer a refined crumpled effect and a very soft touch. Quickly discover the comfort of this plain pillowcase with exceptional qualities for a better sleep!

Linen is a textile with a soft and natural look. It is an ultra-breathable and thermo-regulating material, it offers freshness in summer and warmth in winter, the top for a better sleep! Moreover, linen is naturally organic, it grows without fertilizers or pesticides and requires little watering.

Linen is combined with organic cotton which offers an ultra soft touch. The combination of these two natural materials is ideal to give you a healthier sleep while limiting excessive perspiration. This pillowcase is guaranteed without added chemical treatment and is Oeko-Tex certified.

This pillowcase is available in different pastel colours that give a refined style to your room.
It is available in 2 sizes to fit all pillows, and is also available in baby size.

The little extras

- Combination of linen and organic cotton, natural thermo-regulating materials

- Oeko-Tex certified cover without any chemical treatment

- Comes in an attractive reusable matching pouch to limit the impact of plastic on the environment

Weight 145gr/m2

57 threads/cm²