2 in 1 Fitted Sheet and Mattress Protector

The sheet cover 2 in 1 for children offers the protection of a mattress protector and the softness of a sheet-cover in a single product! Composed of Tencel ® it regulates the temperature for perfect nights.

Product Details

2 in 1 Fitted Sheet and Mattress Protector.

This fitted sheet makes bedtime a soft and enjoyable experience. 

The PVC-free mattress protector is waterproof, for perfect mattress protection.

The Tencel® fitted sheet is derived from eucalyptus pulp. It is breathable, to keep your baby feeling cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Tencel® polyurethane does not cause overheating, reducing sweating for a more peaceful night's sleep.

Plus points:

- You only need to place 1 sheet on the mattress (your back will thank you!)

- Just 1 sheet to wash and dry

- Just 1 sheet to change in case of an accident during the night...

- Ideal for everyday use and on holiday!


100% Tencel® brand Lyocell combined with a thin waterproof and breathable polyurethane membrane.

Our 2 in 1 bed sheet cover fits all our child mattresses.