Natural Wax Candle

Crack for our 100% natural candle which will bring a lot of delicacy to your interior. A neutral and pure style so that it adapts itself to every ambiance and every room of your home.

Product Details

The candle in general, allows to create a pleasant, healthy and relaxing atmosphere in the room of your choice.

The aromatherapy benefits of essential oils will bring you a feeling of rest, soothing and allow you to purify your air.

Concerned about the environment and your health, we have designed our candles without pesticides, GMOs and natural fragrances based on essential oils. The wick is a pure cotton wick with a guaranteed lead-free support.

The little extras:

- sold in its small cardboard box with reusable lid (to store jewellery, washcloth, hair clips...)

- As the wax is completely consumed, it does not remain on the wall, so you can easily reuse the glass container

6 scents to choose from:

- Lavender dream (lavender)

- In my garden (rosemary-bergamot)

- Fresh linen (cotton and lemon touch)

- Sweetness of childhood (rose-néroli)

- Summer morning (basil-peppermint)

- Awakening of the senses (ylang ylang-santal)

NEVER: Touch the burning candle / Approach any flammable material / Leave the candle burning for more than 4 hours / Leave the burning candle unattended / Let the wick touch the side of the container / Use the candle on a heat sensitive surface / Let the candle burn when there is only 0.50cm left at the bottom