Duvet cover Active Clim summer 140x200 cm

Light child duvet for summer in Tencel®, size 140x200 cm, ultra-comfortable. Breathable duvet, made in Europe and Oeko-Tex certified.

Color : White
Product Details

Active Clim Summer Duvet 140x200 cm, ultra comfortable, light and breathable for a comfortable sleeping even in warm season. The Tencel® contained in the duvet cover allows to regulate the temperature perfectly.

The ultra soft touch and the lightness of this duvet makes it possible to create a pleasant sleeping environment for the children.

Suitable for children's beds 90x190cm and 90x200cm

Weight of the duvet 1, 310kgs

The small extras:

-Perfectly breathable and air-conditioned duvet

-Ideal for rooms where the temperature is above 20 °

-Duvet guarantee without chemical treatment and Öeko-Tex certified

Safety warning: Due to the risk of hyperthermia, suffocation and dehydration, it is not advisable to use a duvet or blanket for sleeping and carrying children under the age of one year.

Don't forget to protect your child's duvet with an organic cotton duvet cover.