Aloe vera Mattress Ticking (cover) - single

Offer a second youth to your mattress with this quilted mattress cover made of Aloe vera. 

Product Details

Mattress ticker for children (cover) made of cotton and polyester with enduction of Aloe Vera. A soft and comfortable cover thanks to its quilted structure. This cover contains Aloe Vera known for its softening, soothing and restorative properties for the skin. Aloe Vera is a natural material recommended for sensitive skin with allergic tendencies.

This Aloe Vera mattress cover simply slips on a stained mattress of a person. It restores a new and healthy aspect to the mattress and allows to offer a better sleep to your child. It has a large zipper for easy placement.

Mattress cover sold without the mattress. Machine washable at 30°.

Guaranteed cover without chemical treatment and certified Oeko-Tex.

Available in several sizes to fit every size of child mattress: 90x190 cm, 90x200 cm and tailor-made.

Thickness 17 cm.

Keep the beauty of your mattress and a healthier sleeping with our breathable mattress protector.