Sling Mint

Manduca Sling : must-have for babies and their parents. Made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified). Made in Turkey. Length 5,5m

Product Details

The Manduca SLING allows direct contact between you and your baby, who can hear your heartbeat and be soothed instantly.

Baby will calm down once wrapped in Manduca SLING. Babies carried in this way cry much less, develop important bonds with the carrier, and have better sleep and less stress.

Made of 100% ORGANIC Cotton (without Elastane or Polyester) and GOTS certified (main organic certification standard), Manduca SLING is a compromise between fabric stability and elasticity. Parents will be able to carry their babies safely and comfortably up to 15 kg.

For children from 0 to 3 years old.

Light weight (620 grs) and maximum length (5.50m) allow the SLING to easily adapt to all sizes and remains thin enough to leave ideal breathing.

To make everyday life easier for mothers, the Manduca SLING is equipped with a colour bias (one colour for the right side and one colour for the left side) => the installation of the sling is therefore greatly simplified!

Manduca SLING is available in various slightly plain and mottled colours,

Length 5.50 m, Width 60cm - Weight 620 grs

Made in Turkey.