Set of 3 swaddles 100% organic cotton Bird

Set of 3 swaddles 100% organic cotton colour printed. Choose the natural sweetness of organic cotton to take care of your child on a daily basis, with guaranteed swaddling without added chemical treatment.

Color : Bleu pâle
Product Details

Set of 3 swaddles colors printed in 100% cotton from organic farming in trendy colors. Organic cotton offers a great softness and ensures all-natural anti-allergy comfort.

The swaddle is an essential item not to forget in the baby's birth suitcase. It is used from the birth of baby and in all situations: during sleep to protect the mattress from regurgitation, during the meal to protect clothes against stains, but to install baby on the grass in summer or to protect him from the sun in his stroller. The swaddles are also useful for moms and allow them to breastfeed discreetly. Finally, the swaddle can be used as a blanket.

Dimensions: 70x70 cm

Set of 3 colors in your choice:

- Blue lot: plain blue sky / plain blue sky / blue bird

- Pink Lot: plain pink  / plain white / pink bird

- Grey Lot: plain grey / plain white / sheep bird

Öeko-Tex certified.

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