Grande couverture en Coton bio Paros

An ultra soft organic cotton baby blanket with embossed effect on the fabric. An ideal blanket to wrap baby.  Perfect for snuggling on the couch or in the stroller

Color : White
Product Details

This baby blanket is made of soft organic cotton, with soft colors that will be ideal to warm your child.

This organic cotton blanket receives no chemical treatment, this is best for baby's sensitive skin.
You can use it to cover baby in his stroller, in his car seat or to install baby on the grass in summer.

This pretty organic cotton cover with its embossed effect will also bring a decorative touch to the bed.

This blanket is also a good gift idea for baby.

The little extras:

- Available in 2 colors

- A retro style that leaves a touch of decoration in the room

Machine wash at 30 °

No Chlorine wash

Drying machine ok

Authorized ironing

Dry cleaning forbidden

Security warning:
Due to the risk of hyperthermia, suffocation and dehydration, it is not recommended to use a duvet or blanket for sleeping and transporting children under one year of age.
Use the sleeping bag instead to ensure your baby a secure sleep.