Organic Cotton mattress Protector

Change your mind about bed protectors by choosing our breathable bed protector in Organic Cotton, without PVC. Very smooth, it allows a good air circulation and limits excessive sweating.

Product Details

Protect your bed with an Organic Cotton mattress protector.

Our breathable Organic Cotton mattress protector provides an ideal protection and limits excessive sweating.

Thanks to its polyurethane protection (and not PVC), this bed protector is totally waterproof, but lets air ciruclates, by limiting the proliferation of bacterias and decreasing the sweat so that you can have a more pleasant and healthy sleep.

When you use an Organic Cotton mattress protector, you also protect your  mattress against rings of sweat and provide a longer lifetime to your mattress.

The Organic Cotton mattress protector is available in different sizes to adapt to many sizes of mattresses.