Aloenatura® Adult Mattress

100% natural mattress core - Low price - No glue or chemical treatment

The responsible adult mattress without foam. The Aloenatura® adult mattress is composed of a 100% natural core made of firm coconut fiber and a cover coated with Aloe Vera, providing softness and comfort.

Product Details

Natural materials for an ultra breathable mattress

The Aloenatura mattress has no polyurethane foam but a 100% coconut fiber core that is quite firm and provides ideal support for the entire body. The mattress cover, which can be removed, is made of TENCEL? with Aloe Vera coating. This irresistibly soft Aloe Vera cover gives you an ultra-soothing sensation. This choice of materials brings the mattress its responsible, ecological and healthy character to offer you a perfect sleep.

The Aloenatura adult mattress is, thanks to the choice of materials, an ultra breathable mattress and healthier than a foam mattress. The coconut fiber offers a perfect air circulation, which ensures the anti-mite and anti-bacterial side. The mattress remains clean and airy for a better comfort. Moreover, the good ventilation of the mattress helps to maintain an ideal temperature during sleep, so you are not too hot or too cold. The Aloenatura® mattress is especially suitable for
those who are sensitive to heat and are looking for perfect ventilation.

The TENCEL? contained in the mattress cover, is a natural material derived from eucalyptus pulp, which has thermoregulatory properties. It helps to maintain a constant temperature and offers a feeling of coolness in summer and warmth in winter. You always sleep at the right temperature without sweating.

A natural mattress at a reasonable price

Taking care of your sleep is important and the choice of mattress is crucial. Getting the best sleep shouldn't be
a luxury. This is why Kadolis has created the Aloenatura® mattress. A natural, breathable and healthy mattress at a low price
The Aloenatura® mattress is a fairly firm mattress, not very enveloping, which is suitable for those who like to stay on the surface, as well as for those who suffer from
back problems.

It is also available in a children's mattress version and a baby version, to ensure natural comfort at a very low price for the whole

A mattress without chemical treatment to protect your health

Thanks to the choice of materials and their many intrinsic advantages, the Aloenatura® mattress does not need any chemical treatment
. Its ultra-breathable side prevents the development of dust mites and bacteria and the TENCEL? (made from
eucalyptus wood pulp) added in the cover, reinforces the anti-dust mite protection.

The OEKO-TEX® certification also guarantees you the total absence of any chemical substances during manufacturing and on the

The use of polyester in the cover of this mattress allows it to pass the non-fire standard and avoids the addition of
fireproofchemical treatments.

The little extras of the Aloenatura® adult mattress

- Aloe Vera coating for a soft and comfortable mattress

- Cover with pretty embroidery and Aqua Green zip for a touch of originality

- Mattress fully removable cover, allows a professional washing of the cover

- Mattress equipped with handles for easier handling, especially when changing sheets or turning it over.