Chanvrenatura® Adult Mattress

Natural and more local materials - Ultimate comfort - Reduced carbon footprint - No chemical treatment

The Chanvrenatura® adult mattress is the natural luxury mattress you have been dreaming of. A true transparency on the composition and a perfect comfort. An authentic style and a choice of materials for a 100% eco-responsible mattress.

Product Details

An even more natural mattress with adjustable comfort

The Chanvrenatura® mattress is composed of a 100% natural core combining hemp, coconut fiber and two layers of latex on each side.
This adult mattress is reversible and offers, depending on the thickness of the latex layer, a more or less soft comfort (indicated on the mattress). You can therefore choose, depending on your sleeping preferences and your body type, between a semi-firm welcome with a 3 cm latex layer, or a softer one with a 6 cm latex layer.
The Chanvrenatura® mattress is the most natural of our range, covered with a Tencel? and linen cover, with organic wool filling. This blend of high-end materials provides the mattress with ultimate, luxurious comfort.

A natural and ultra-breathable mattress, without chemical treatment

The core of the mattress composed of a superposition of several layers of latex, coconut fiber and hemp provides maximum breathability. The good circulation of air allows to better regulate the temperature and to avoid the night awakenings due to the
excessive perspiration.
The cover is made of Tencel? and linen with organic wool filling, three naturallythermoregulatory materials
that provide a cool feeling in summer and warmth in winter
So you won't get too hot or too cold
and can sleep peacefully

In addition, the natural ventilation of the mattress limits the proliferation of bacteria and dust mites and prevents their attachment. The use of these
breathable materials ensures that the mattress remains healthy, free of moisture and mold, without the addition of chemical treatments

The OEKO-TEX® certification on our mattress guarantees that no glue or chemical treatment is added during the manufacturing process or on the finished product.

The Chanvreantura® mattress, an ecological mattress with a reduced carbon footprint

The hemp and linen we use are produced in France. The organic wool comes from Italy.
By using natural and more local materials, we reduce the carbon footprint on our mattress and aim to be ever more responsible.

The little extras :

- The most natural mattress in our range

- Elegant finishes and details

- A removable mattress cover for professional washing

- Mattress equipped with handles for easier handling, especially when changing sheets or turning the mattress.