Waterproof Fitted Sheet - For baby bed

Soft & Waterproof - Breathable without PVC - Silent - Ultra Practical 2 in 1

Protect baby's mattress and create a healthy, natural environment in his room with this waterproof fitted sheet made of Tencel? that respects his sensitive skin.

Color : White
Product Details

Ensure a double protection in the baby bed with a 2 in 1 fitted sheet

This 2 in 1 fitted sheet will be very useful in your daily life with baby. A fitted sheet and a draw sheet in one product. No need to buy additional protection for bedding, this soft and comfortable fitted sheet offers a natural protection.

It features a Tencel? portion, a fiber derived from wood pulp, and a thin layer of breathable polyurethane that ensures a good seal and provides good air circulation.

It offers the look and softness of a classic fitted sheet, with the added waterproof protection!

A double protection in a single gesture that simplifies the life of parents: a single sheet to wash, to spread and to place on the baby's mattress.

This fitted sheet is available in several plain colors to match easily with baby's sleeping bags, then with his comforter covers when he grows up. It has large jersey cups with elasticized edges for easy installation on the mattress.

A waterproof fitted sheet for baby bed without chemical treatments

Like all Kadolis products, the waterproof fitted sheet is made from natural materials and guaranteed without any chemical treatment.
Particularly soft, Tencel? is respectful of sensitive skin. It is naturally antibacterial, and limits the proliferation of dust mites, an ideal fiber that is also suitable for babies with allergies.

Due to its air-conditioning properties, Tencel? helps toddlers regulate their temperature during sleep and thus limits excessive sweating which is very common in babies and often causes night-time awakenings. Baby sweats less, he sleeps better.

In order to limit packaging, we have chosen to deliver this fitted sheet with a simple ribbon, both aesthetic and practical.

The advantages of the waterproof fitted sheet for baby mattress

- Guaranteed without chemical treatment and certified OEKO-TEX®

- Breathable without PVC

- Silent

- Made in Portugal

- Zero plastic packaging