Waterproof Pram Fitted Sheet

Soft & Waterproof - Breathable without PVC - Silent - Ultra Convenient 2 in 1

This Tencel? fitted sheet provides 2-in-1 protection in baby's baby carriage to ensure comfortable outings for toddlers. A waterproof and breathable fitted sheet.

Color : White
Product Details

A healthy and natural bedding with the waterproof fitted sheet for baby carriages

Baby is used to a healthy environment in his little bed, there's no question of giving up this comfort during walks or baby carriage trips!

Kadolis has therefore created a waterproof fitted sheet made of Tencel? to offer toddlers a healthy and natural sleeping environment by ensuring good protection of the baby carriage mattress.

The Tencel?, a natural fiber derived from the pulp of eucalyptus wood, offers many advantages:

-Soft and adapted to the fragile skin of baby, it offers a lot of comfort.
-Air-conditioning, it facilitates the regulation of baby's temperature during sleep.
-Naturally antibacterial and anti-mite, it does not require any additional treatment.

The waterproofness of this fitted sheet is ensured by a fine breathable polyurethane membrane, waterproof and stretchable.

This "magical" fitted sheet is guaranteed without any chemical treatment and is OEKO-TEX® certified.

A beautiful fitted sheet for baby carriages that makes life easier for parents

This 2 in 1 sheet is both a waterproof breathable mattress protector and a soft fitted sheet. It can be placed on the baby carriage mattress in a single movement, making life easier for parents. Only one sheet to wash, only one to install, and when travelling, only one to carry!

This waterproof fitted sheet keeps the baby carriage mattress in perfect condition by protecting it against baby's spit-up, diaper leaks, etc.

It is available in different soft and trendy colors to match your child's outfits and sleeping bags and vary the styles. Thanks to its oval shape and its elasticated edges, it is easily installed on the mattress and stays perfectly in place.

The advantages of the waterproof fitted sheet for baby carriage mattress

- Guaranteed without chemical treatment and certified OEKO-TEX®

- Breathable without PVC

- Silent

- Zero plastic packaging

- Made in Portugal