Breathable TENCEL? Organic Cotton Duvet

Soft and thermoregulated - Biosourced fiber cover - No chemical treatments - Eco-responsible filling - Reusable zero plastic packaging

A light and air-conditioning breathable comforter offers a sleep at the ideal temperature all year long. With its eco-responsible filling and TENCEL? and organic cotton cover, the Hawi comforter also offers a healthier, more natural sleep.

Color : White
Product Details

The TENCEL? organic cotton comforter ensures a sleep at the ideal temperature

Thanks to the TENCEL? and organic cotton comforter, you or your children will be able to enjoy exceptional sleep quality, always at the right temperature. Designed with light and breathable materials, it gently envelops and provides a unique comfort.

This breathable comforter made of TENCEL? and Hawi organic cotton has an envelope with air conditioning properties.

The TENCEL? Lyocell is a natural fiber made from wood pulp* offering air conditioning properties. which help regulate temperature during sleep. Thus night sweating is significantly reduced and sleep quality improved. There are fewer night-time awakenings.

*The wood cellulose comes from sustainably managed forests and plantations.

Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and requires less watering than conventional cotton, so it is healthier and more environmentally friendly.

The combination of organic cotton and TENCEL? in its cover makes this comforter particularly soft and comfortable. Neither too hot nor too light, it guarantees children or adults who move around a lot at night and sweat, an ideal temperature and a more serene sleep.

Enjoy an eco-responsible comforter

The TENCEL?and organic cotton comforter is composed of a filling made of HOLLOFIL® ECO siliconized hollow polyester fiber from DACRON® certified Ecolabel®. The fibers are recycled. By using materials already produced, we limit our consumption of resources. These fibers have been awarded the European Union Ecolabel, which meets high standards of performance and environmental quality.

With its Ecolabel® certified eco-responsible filling and 100% natural fiber cover, the TENCEL? and organic cotton comforter ensures a healthy environment in the children's bedroom, without any harmful substances. The fibers, evenly distributed thanks to an in-line stitching, ensure continuous warmth at all points of the body, limiting temperature differences.

This comforter does not contain any chemical treatment, the breathable materials ensure a natural anti-mite and anti-bacterial protection. Indeed, the air circulation between the fibers limits the formation of humidity and thus the proliferation of dust mites and bacteria.

This comforter is available in a light version for a room temperature of 22°C or more or in a 4 seasons version for a room temperature between 17° and 22°C.

The Hawi 140x200 comforter is ideal for a 90x190 cm or 90x200 cm bed.

To protect the comforter and bring a touch of color in the room choose a comforter cover in organic cotton plain or patterned in our range.

In order to reduce plastic packaging and to respect the environment, this comforter is delivered in a reusable cotton bag which allows you to store the comforter when it is not in use (during the summer for example).

The advantages of the Hawi TENCEL? organic cotton comforter

- Comforter with a TENCEL? Lyocell fiber cover made from biosourced plant material and Organic Cotton.

- Certified eco-responsible filling

- Guaranteed without chemical treatment and certified OEKO-TEX®.

- Soft and thermo-regulated comforter

- Head & foot" fabric label, a practical marker to put the comforter in the right direction in the cover

- Zero plastic reusable packaging