Comforter of duck and feathers

Down and feather from France - Excellent thermal insulation

Fall for the authentic charm of the duck feather comforter for children. A light insulating comforter perfect in all seasons, Oeko-Tex certified.

Color : White
Product Details

White Duck Feather comforter in size 140x200 cm for child bed.

This comforter offers a perfect thermal insulation with a feeling of lightness ideal for children, it is perfect in all seasons. This comforter is suitable for a room where the temperature oscillates between 17 and 20°C.

It is suitable for children's beds in 90x190cm and 90x200cm.
Weight of the comforter : 1,260kgs

The small plus:

- Very pleasant touch

- Authenticity of the duck feather

- Exceptional quality

Safety warning:

Due to the risk of hyperthermia, suffocation and dehydration, it is not recommended to use a comforter or blanket for sleeping and carrying children under one year old.

For a trendy atmosphere in your child's bedroom, choose a comforter cover made of organic cotton.