ORGANIC COTTON mattress protector - Baby

The baby matress protector in organic cotton helps to protect the mattress while offering childrens the softness and the quality of organic cotton. A breathable and ultra soft mattress protector for a healthier sleep.

Product Details

Organic cotton baby mattress protector traps water but allows air to circulate... for sweeter dreams.

Made of organic cotton, this mattress protector not only shields the mattress from leaks but also protects the environment, while ensuring ideal breathability.
Providing waterproof protection in Polyurethane rather than Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this organic cotton baby mattress protector is totally waterproof and completely breathable.

Plus points:

- Elasticated

- Fitted sheet style for easier installation

 Colour: White.

For a totally healthy sleeping, you can cover the mattress with a special organic cotton fitted sheet.