Crumpled organic cotton sleeping bag

100% organic cotton sleeping bag - Winter or summer model - With storage pocket

Choosing a crumpled organic cotton sleeping bag for baby is to ensure softness and protection to his fragile skin. This pretty sleeping bag offers your child a healthy sleep without any chemical treatment added.

Color : White
Product Details

Discover our beautiful crumpled organic cotton sleeping bag, a soft and breathable sleeping bag to give your child the best sleep from his first nights! The crumpled organic cotton offers an exceptional softness and an authentic style, declined in pastel colors, it is ideal for the toddlers.

The organic cotton has many qualities to allow babies to spend beautiful peaceful nights, it allows a good air circulation between the fibers, offers an ultra soft contact and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.
Our organic cotton sleeping bag ensures a totally natural comfort without any added chemical treatment.

It allows an easy installation of baby thanks to its long zipper on the side and the bottom, which allows a total opening, and to its snap buttons at the level of the shoulders.

It is available in different trendy colours for baby girls and baby boys, it is the ideal birth gift!

Available in 2 sizes:

- 0 to 6 months: 65 cm

- 6 to 18 months: 90 cm

And in 2 degrees of warmth :

Winter sleeping bag : TOG 2.5 : suitable for rooms heated between 16° and 20°
Summer sleeping bag : TOG 1 : suitable for rooms heated between 21° and 25

The TOG is a measurement that allows you to accurately assess the thermal capacity of a sleeping bag. The higher the TOG, the warmer it is.

The little extras :

- Sleeping bag delivered in a pretty reusable bag to limit the impact of plastic on the environment

- Double snap on the shoulders to secure the fastening

- Zip matching the colour of the fabric

- Oekotex certified materials

To offer your child an ultra-soft bed, think of the fitted sheet in crumpled organic cotton!

Safety warning:

- Do not use if the child can get out of the crib

- Do not use in addition to a duvet or blanket

- Do not use if the child's head can fit through the neck

- Keep away from fire

For regular washing of your sleeping bag, we recommend washing at 30°C maximum to protect the planet and preserve the fabric and colourfastness of your sleeping bag.

In exceptional cases, washing at 60°C can be considered.