Set of 2 Maxi swaddles 100% organic cotton printed

A nice set of 2 Maxi-langes 100% organic cotton colour printed to take care of your baby smoothly. These 120x120 cm swaddles will make you many services while preserving the sensitive baby skin.

Color : White
Product Details

Choose the natural sweetness for your child with this set of 2 Maxi printed swaddles 100% cotton from organic farming. Available in trendy colors with nice patterns, they are very soft to the touch. Organic cotton offers exceptional softness and ensures a totally natural comfort. Our diapers are guaranteed without any chemical treatment and are Oeko-Tex certified. They are suitable for baby girls as baby boys according to the colors.

The lange is a must-have to include in the baby's birth suitcase. You can use it from the first days in all situations: to protect the mattress from regurgitation, to protect his clothes against the tasks when he drinks his bottle, for you to breastfeed discreetly.

During the outings the maxi-swaddles are perfect to cover baby in the stroller or in the car seat, to protect baby from the sun in summer, but also to settle on the grass.

Dimensions: 120x120 cm

Set of 2 Maxi colors in the choice:

- Blue star set: 1 blue star swaddle + 1 blue plain swaddle

- Round blue lot: 1 blue round swaddle + 1 blue plain swaddle

- Pink star set: 1 pink star swaddle + 1 pink plain swaddle

- Pink round lot: 1 pink round swaddle + 1 pink plain swaddle

- Grey star set: 1 grey star swaddle + 1 grey plain swaddle

- Grey round lot: 1 grey round swaddle + 1 grey plain swaddle

- Grey Whale Lot: 1 grey whale + 1 gray plain swaddle

- Blue Cloud Pack: 1 blue cloud swaddle + 1 blue plain swaddle

- Pink Cloud pack: 1 pink cloud swaddle + 1 pink plain swaddle

Oeko-Tex certified.

Made in Portugal

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